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An Entrepreneur challenges conventional thinking and in the eyes of others is foolish to pursue the dream, but without the dream, the dreams would never come true.

About Us

Stefan Tracenrider founded SQT Limited on June 29, 2009 as a project for one of his courses. In the Beginning SQT Limited was an apparel company that focused on producing backpacks and T-shirts with the vision of creating more then a product, an experience, a life style. At this time the company prided itself on creating the perfect customer experience and fulfilling the apparel needs of their clients. As Stefan continued his studies at Central Michigan University, SQT Limited slowly evolved remembering the most important aspect in business, to to provide solutions for the challenges our clients. From an early age Stefan had a passion for business and corporate strategy, there are tales of him buying and selling equities when he was seven years old and this passion followed him throughout his education, leading to a Bachelors of Applied Arts in Entrepreneurship and Legal Studies from Central Michigan University.

Upon graduating in 2010 Stefan wanted to unify the skills he learned as an undergraduate and his passion for business, in the process SQT Limited as we know it was created. In 2010 SQT Limited officially became recognized as a corporation under the Business Corporation Act 284 of 1972 in The State of Michigan. By taking a one-step at a time approach the company continues to look for opportunities and ways to expand.

Our Services

Business Development

After a few years of profitibility and success the question always arised is it time to expand. We will work with you to understande current market conditions to determine if its the right time to hire additiaonl employees, expand current operations, or open a second location. There are differet types of risks associated with growing and expansing, we are here to help guide you throught this process.

Business Plans

Please check back for updates.


Please check back for updates.


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